Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year resolution

Well, its the new year. Yup, its time for resolutions to be achieved. What was your 2005 resolution? Mine was to achieve happiness, and I think that was achieved very well. Now my 2006 resolution is to be more financially secure, I believe. I first started to realize I was spending too much eating out at expensive restaurants back in Spring of 2005, and did something about it. I reduced my eating out to maybe 2 to 3 times a week, at less expensive places, and my budget drastically improved. It's amazing. Here's a good article my co-worker gave me on 2006 financial resolution - finanical calendar, actually

I do agree with almost all the advices. The January one, is as always, a good idea. Increase your savings. Try as much as you can, even a extra $5 a month means a lot. There's this new one - especially the October one, completing a home audit to increase energy savings. I did not know about an online audit thing. I should try that, hmm.

There is one thing on the list that I am found guilty of not having - a ROTH IRA/Traditional IRA account. I have 401k thru my employer but not my own IRA. For some reason, I am procasinating to open one. I should heed the January advice - put more savings, meaning put little by little toward IRA, even less than hundred a month. The February advice says that I have until April 16 to make my 2005 contribution. And I have yet to open one. Any suggestions?

Anyway, here's a toast to the safely sound fiscal year of 2006!


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