Thursday, January 05, 2006

When frugality has gone too far..

I made a discovery yesterday. Frugality is my sport, or a hobby. It is not to make ends meet, but to smile with glee when finding the best deal out there. For example, I was shopping at Target yesterday and I was about to buy this larger box of cereal, but then I saw a better deal of 2 regular boxes set at 2.99, saving me 20% plus $1 rebate toward the next cereal. Of course, the reason is cuz those smaller boxes dont have wheat grain, and the store is trying to get rid of those, as it seems. Looks like General Mills stops making them. The cereal I am taking about is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The popular type is the one with wheat and less sugar. So, the cheaper boxes are not of wheat and are full of sugar. Mmmmm... :)

Again, my coworker showed me this another interesting article (if you guessed, yup we share same interest - frugality). Here's the link : Frugality as a Sport

It talks about how it is a sport to some. For some others, they have umm gone too far. Dying a pair of pants black 4 times, or buying 2 ply toilet roll to seperate into 1 ply.. stop right there, please... Wow!

Yes, I pride at being frugal, but sometimes I just gotta spend what I enjoy. For example, I decided to reward myself with a $15 lunch today for sushi. Sushi is my favorite delicacy, but I do not go out to eat sushi weekly. It is more of like 2 times a month. Enjoy what you earn, that is, but don't spend too much if you can get something cheaper somewhere. I do not buy $30 shirt if I can get $5 shirt somewhere at a good quality.

Enjoy your frugality and be careful not to trip over the border line.


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