Friday, June 02, 2006


Growing up in Minnesota, I never saw a Walmart until I was around 12 years old. I did not like going to that store. I remembered my mom being so excited when a nearby Walmart opened. I was loyal to my Target stores. There were Target stores all over - its Headquarter is in Minneapolis, so that explains. I looked down at Walmart.

But wait. I entered College and started to realize the value of money and cheapness. There was a Walmart across the block from my apartment. It became my necessarity. Prices were cheaper than other stores'. But still I refuse to be caught wearing any clothings from Walmart.

Now, I am living in Kansas, out on my own - I noticed the Walmart Neighborhood Market - the food store. I entered it recently, and gulped. It beat or matches the competitors' prices. When you enter the front retrieving area, on your left, are adverstiments plastered all over the wall... from Hyvees, Price Choppers, Dillons. That convinces me that Walmart is cheaper. But be careful. Do not let Walmart fool you - it may tell you it is cheaper than other stores, but some products are expensiver.

Anyway back to the point. Yesterday I went to Walmart Super Store to make a copy of my key (was only .99 FYI). I spotted the women's clothing dept. I gasped. They looked so much better. Even I liked some of their swiming suit selections and they were like 10 bucks a piece. The t shirts were so cool. I was caught buying one.

To be frugal - I just have to accept Walmart as one of the choices on my shopping list. It is sad - they have child labor practices, and have factories in under developed countries, among the bad things, but yet we are drawn to Walmart - because its very afforable.

So Walmart it is.


Blogger mplaing said...

And Walmart is forcing its' suppliers to move aboard, mostly to China.

8:52 AM  

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