Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flip the House

Last night I had a nice dinner with the owner of sComm (creator of "UbiDuo") in Independence, MO. We got to talk about personal finances, as I found out it was his interest also. He mentioned buying run-down homes, renovating, and selling for profit. He has gotten big profit from this. I have heard of some people doing this. But, I do not like renovating, how could I do this? He said he hires a crew of workers to do it for him. Hmmm.

He mentioned "Flip the House", a show where a group of people do the same thing. Looks very interesting. If you want to get rich, invest in real estate :) Looks like it requires dedication and time. And alot of work. Sounds perfect for a person who loves to renovate a house.

::checks the list - needs to marry a guy who loves to renovate the house::


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