Monday, August 14, 2006

*rip* *sting*

I joined a gym finally! It is only $10.95 a month, which is very nice. A coworker at IBM told me about it, and sure enuff, I bumped into other IBMers at Planet Fitness. Apparently a popular workout joint for my coworkers.

I was looking for some gym clothes and bought two shirts and a shirt from Target last Saturday. That same evening, my coworker Tawanna and I went to Beauty Brands to have our eyebrows waxed. I have discovered this $3 off coupon if you bring a friend ($3 off for me, and $3 off for her).

The lady did a good job on her, then I was next. Don't you hate being "next" after watching the experience? The lady put too much wax on below my eyebrow, and I blinked, and some wax got on on upper eyelid. I panicked for a second but did not know how to tell the lady - *RIP* I swore my lid was gone. It was painful and then she ripped the paper off the other eyebrow. PAIN. PAIN. I have my eyebrows waxed before and never this! I could swear the skin was burned. I had two red welts - one on upper part of each eyelid. Gulp.

All night it was still stinging. It was still stinging next day, Sunday. I decided to go back to Beauty Brands and showed them. I was their first person they ever saw the "welts". I told them I thought the lady put unnecessary wax too below my eyebrows. The skin is toooo sensitive. The manager said neosporin helps and refunded me my money back. Then I used some of that money buying the medicine.

Oh, when I was at Target again to buy the medicine and return one gym shirt (realized I didn't need two). I spotted on the ad wall - they were on sale for $2 off (10.99 instead of 12.99). Grr. So I showed my receipt to the customer service desk and got my $2 off and returned one shirt. Right you can do that - if they get on sale in that week, you can get the difference back (maybe not 1 week but 30 days?). Anyway.

Today is 2nd day after the horrifying experience. The welts truly looked like they were burnt - now they r pale pink, with wrinkles. :(


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