Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Odes of August

Can't believe it is August already. Historically, August has been my most expensive month since I moved to Kansas. Why August? I am not sure. Here's my plan for month of August:

1 - yearly car insurance payout
2 - gym membership
3 - carpet cleaning
4 - furnace/AC maintenance
5 - new pc

Car insurance: I always pay once a year (unless I'm crippled of some financially reason, thankfully that has never happened). This is a NEED. Hopefully less than $1000, since I just became 25.

Gym membership: I am looking around for a gym to join ::shocked:: nah. Since I moved into my condo, I was using the trails pretty alot, but now it is under Kansas' most major construction project to date, I am leery of going around the orange fences and cones to get on the trails. Let alone bring a bike. I go for convienence, unfortunately. I am thinking of this community center that is on 119th and Nall that goes under $300 a year. Is this a need or want? Hmm... maybe in WANT category.

Carpet cleaning: Definitely a NEED category. Spots are all over and building, since I got a dog, and going thru winters and constructions indoors. This can go for $300 or so.

Furnace/AC maintenance: Again, a NEED category. It is a homeowner's duty to have her HVAC unit maintained yearly. Last time I had my furnace cleaned? March 05. AC ? No clue. Eeps. About time I have it done now. I think this is under $100 or so, for both units.

New PC: Not sure if it's in NEED or WANT category. My PC is 6 years old, and uber slow. Sure I can upgrade but that will take alot of parts to do that, ugh (read: convienence). Also it doesn't fit in the aesthenics category in my office lounge - ugly bulky monitor. I am thinking of going back to school for masters, so this will be useful. Hmm.... maybe semi-need, semi-want category. Think it will be $700 or less. Right now it is "back to school" blowout, so companies are shoving PCs out in super low prices.

Where am I going to find all of that money? Well, I got that scholarship from winning the Miss Deaf Kansas pageant, so for sure it will help. I have not made any major purchases since that couch I bought last fall (at least that's what I can think of), so it is duty to spend the money.


Anonymous sil said...

my laptop is aging too at nearly 7 years old and utterly slow! I was told by friends that an IBM or HP are the best brands to buy. Why? I dk and I'll find further details.
The best time to buy? I dk but want to do it in Nov on Black Thursday for low prices...

2:00 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Yeah, Im thinking of doing it on Black Friday also, the day after Thanksgiving. Still hasnt bought a pc yet. As for the brand name, I cannot recommend anything. I like HP and Dell.

9:35 AM  

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