Monday, January 09, 2006

Evil gas bill..?

I received my month of December gas bill. Eeek! Here's how it is broken down:

Service Charge $8.95
Delivery Charge $20.54
Weather Normalization $2.64
Cost of Gas $109.21
Franchise Fee $3.54
City Tax $1.63
County Tax $1.61

Total: $148.12

What's this? The cost of gas is $109.21 but with all of the fees, taxes and charges it sums up to $148.12. Wow. This bill has this chart on the left which shows how much I used gas in December '04 so I can compare it against December '05. It looks good- I used less gas now than last year. I suspect it is because of the new furnace I got last Spring (a long story yet to be told here), the weather stripping, covering the windows with plastics, and my new programmable therometer. Well. That and not being home for 2 weeks :) I set the temperature to 58 when I was gone. That helped. A bit. Hmm.

Also, thank goodness for EPP plan. After living for one year in the same place, the company is able to do an estimation of equal payment for every month due to the previous year record. So, I do not pay $148.12, whew, I just pay $60. Good news indeed.


Anonymous Chris K said...

Great blog Pam!

A thought here. Have you given programmable thermostat some thoughts? They are found in most hardware stores/Wall$smarts/Target stores for about $40-$120 depending on how many bells & whistles you wanted.

I use the one that has 2 programmable set for week and weekends. They are fairly easy for DIY folks to install. I've programmed mine to warm up an hour before I wake up in the morning, cool down when I leave for work, warm up again an hour before I come home from work, and then lower the temp at bedtime. The weekend mode usually have just two changes, waking hours and sleeping hours. If you played hooky from work or at home during the week, you can override the programming for the day.

The same can be reversed in the summer.

I dont have any hard numbers, but if you contact your local utility company, they can give you an estimate on how much $$$ you'll shave off your bills per year. With good planning, shaving off $200-$400 per year is entirely feastible.

Congrats on winning the pagent!

2:46 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Yup, I have a programmable thermostat that I received from my parents as a gift last year. It is very efficient and I set it to be 70 when I am at home, and 65 when I am sleeping or not home, that is for heat.

12:05 PM  

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