Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Home Depot is the Winner!

Yesterday after work I went to Home Depot. The quote was 2148.10 pre tax (around $34 in taxes), adding up to $2182.10. I picked out the grout color, and I told the guy I wanted to go ahead and purchase the order for tile installation. Home Depot has this 10% off installation sale ending April 19, so the guy took 10% off my quote. I gave him my 10% coupon that I got from online. He said that only could be taken off materials not labor. I said sure thats fine with me. That saved me extra $48.

Final price after ~18.99% discount: $1920.10.

But wait. My Citi Dividend card is doing this special ending May 31 - giving me 5% off any home improvement purchases. So I charged the amount of the quote on my CitiDividend card.

$1920.10 x .95 = $1824.10

Final price: $1824.10
Saved: $324.00

Hooray! Well yes it is cheaper ($350) to do the tiling myself. If I am going to have a professional installing, at least I will go for the best deal possible.

For those who are interested in my tile pick, it is the Niagara Terra ceramic tile. I think it looks close to this, if not identical.


Anonymous Shawn said...

Where and where was the tile project done on your home?

5:33 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Oh plans changed. Check this out

5:42 PM  

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