Friday, March 31, 2006

Five top websites for printable coupon - AOL

According to AOL, here's the top five websites that provide printable coupons:

The Top Five Coupon Sites ComScore Networks ranks the Internet's most popular sites for penny-saving promotions. Here's our two cents on the five most-visited sites from the past year:

1. - It's colorful, well organized, and has good sorting functions. And who doesn't love a mascot piggy bank in cool shades? An extensive registration, however, means consumers who don't want to provide their home address may want to look elsewhere.

2. - Presentation is geared for the mature shopper; good category breakdown, but you can expect to do a little sifting through other offers to find the actual coupons.

3. - Browsing is fun here, especially when you stop to watch the video coupons. But those without a newer operating system to support the special Coupon Printer are out of luck.

4. - Efficient site for the efficient shopper; all specialized searches have clear links right on the homepage.

5. - Name sound familiar? These guys have been making traditional mailbox deliveries for years. ValPak does include printable coupons, and offers deals for restaurants and entertainment along with consumer goods.

Reason to check out coupons online:
'Online coupons can be far more accurate than newspaper coupons, Boal adds, because merchants can change offers in real time. "In the offline world, printing and distribution takes months and months of scheduling," he says. "In the online world, they can change coupons in five minutes."'

I tend to go to a certain vendor's site and search for coupons also (example: Palm Beach Tanning Salon allowed me to print a coupon for 2 free sunless tannings). I also use for local deals.


Anonymous steve said...

cairo closed their site today :-(

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