Monday, March 27, 2006

Marriage has changed.

This is a CHAMP article (for hearing readers - CHAMP means awesome, wow hehe). Thanks to Nake ( who has shown me this article, thinking of me.

You need to register to view this - but it is fast and no biggie.

"Marriage is for White People"
By Joy Jones
Sunday, March 26, 2006; Page B01

Excerpts that caught my attention:

"A woman who takes that step is bold and brave," one young single mother told me. "Women don't want to marry because they don't want to lose their freedom."

Right. :-D

"Among African Americans, the desire for marriage seems to have a different trajectory for women and men. My observation is that black women in their twenties and early thirties want to marry and commit at a time when black men their age are more likely to enjoy playing the field. As the woman realizes that a good marriage may not be as possible or sustainable as she would like, her focus turns to having a baby, or possibly improving her job status, perhaps by returning to school or investing more energy in her career."

This can be applied to any race. As I am white, and I do agree with her observation by applying it to me.

"As men mature, and begin to recognize the benefits of having a roost and roots (and to feel the consequences of their risky bachelor behavior), they are more willing to marry and settle down. By this time, however, many of their female peers are satisfied with the lives they have constructed and are less likely to settle for marriage to a man who doesn't bring much to the table."

Damn right.

"In other words, for the circumspect black woman, marriage may not be a business deal that offers sufficient return on investment."

So, marriage is no longer an institution where women turn to for financial support and profits. Do not get married :-D unless you find a companion that you swear by and live together forever though health, sickness, etc to death.

Meanwhile, I shall enjoy dating and my independence.


Anonymous Angela said...

Pam, hee hee.. to be honest with you, I strongly agreed some of those articles about marriage. All I can say is enjoy your singlehood and have fun. Life is pretty short and fast so you cant miss out! :)

5:27 PM  
Blogger natech said...

Heh, we'll find out in about 5 years, whether you're still enjoying your independence or clutching on a pillow while watching Sex and the City reruns, wondering when will you ever find a guy. ;)

11:26 AM  

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