Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Elms it is!

Few posts ago, Tawanna (my cubemate) and I were discussing about a short getaway at a spa resort and getting pampered. We did not want an expensive and overpriced getaway. We agreed on a nearby location, to where we could drive, for instance, St. Louis, Des Moines, or Omaha. KC will be even better. I looked at the Ozarks which is 3 1/2 hours away... spa resorts there did not seem satisfying (on the website) and I did not get much information.

So, I decided to ask a couple of my friends who are native Kansas City residents. They immediately say "Elms resort in Excelsior Springs, MO". They nodded with such enthusiasm I decided to check the website. In an instant I was convinced. I showed it to Tawanna and she was also convinced right away. Prices are so reasonable, especially for a spa resort. They have packages listed. After discussing, we agreed to do "Friday Night Special" where we will share a room (double beds, mind ya) for a night, along with seafood/prime rib buffet and a movie of our choice for viewing. For the spa "escape" we will do the Quick Escape package, which lasts 50 minutes and costs $110. It only consists of facial and back massage. We did an add-on, a pedicure/manicure package (Tawanna only wants to do manicure). A manicure there costs $30 while a pedicure costs $90.

Cost for me:
Friday night special package (dinner included): $169 /2 = $84.5
Spa Escape: $110
Pedicure/manicure: $90
Drive to Excelsior Springs: 94 miles (round trip), $9/2 = $4.50
$289.00 (not including tips, taxes)

Not bad for a short weekend getaway where I can get pampered and relax. The spa resort has full of amenities I would most definitely like to take advantage of (swimming, hot tub, execrising). I have not yet decided on a pedicure though. Without it, it will save me $60. I will think about it sometimes this week and call if I change my mind.

April 6 is the official date! Here is the website for you to check it out, maybe you can go also!


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