Monday, February 05, 2007

Oracle sued: good news for disability everywhere

Oracle, the massive database giant, is being sued by US National Federation of the Blind and three blind State of Texas employees. Oracle Sued For Failing Blind Users

I think this is very good news.. information technology is rapidly growing but the accessibility is not growing in parallel. We, the disabled, get forgotten and left in the dust. Deaf users are unable to hear videos from and blind users are unable to read the information on some websites.

I remember I played alot of Sierra computer games as a kid ... especially King's Quest, Quest for Glory, and Space Quest. I remember I was so disappointed when I tried out King's Quest 7... nothing was captioned at all! The jackrabbit hopped over to Rosella and spoke to her, but I was unable to hear what the clues were. I remember I was so upset.

This lawsuit will bring attention to other Information Technology giants that we are here. We are not to be ignored. Promote accessibility in software not forget us. was also sued because its website was not accessible to the blind... let's hope for the same for the deaf people - captioning videos and such.

Here's a link I got from which I thought is very cool: which is sooo nice and thoughtful. Volunteers open webcasts and type in the captions, for the future deaf readers.


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