Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A pleasant frugal moment

I was totally overwhelmed with two graduate courses lately - especially that I am behind by three weeks and trying to catch up. I paid a big price - I had to take time off this afternoon from work so I can finish this assignment which is worth 16% of my grade.

That is out of sight and out of mind, at least for right now since my colleague is currenting revising the grammer for me. I am not too good with grammar when it comes to technical papers. Definitely something that I need to practice on.

Anyway back to the subject - my favorite hobby, or you can say, "frugaling" :)

I went to Target during lunch hour and ended up buying four Fuze bottles and 32 oz of Suaze's two in one shampoo/conditioner for ...

$2.04, pre-tax!

How did I do it? Of course I am the frugal goddess, pardon my bragging. I had two of those coupons for Fuze drinks, where you buy one and get one free. Target had those on sale at $1 apiece. So I ended up getting 4 Fuze bottles at .50 each. Also I had a coupon for a free Suave product, valued at 3.00 or less. Target had those extra large bottles for sale at $3.04 -- you guessed it, I got it for 4 cents.



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