Sunday, December 02, 2007

A boring air register story

I was in need of a new return air grille, because it has been rusted badly by Socks' wrongdoings in the past. I measured the grille - it was 13 1/2ish by 8 inches and went to Home Depot. I had a deja vu just at that time. All numbers I saw were in even numbers. No 13 by 8. Only closest ones I saw were 12 x 8, 14x8. Ughhhh...

Deja vu moment. I accidentally smeared paint over my air register in my bedroom a couple of years ago, so I went to Home Depot and had the exactly same problem! It ended up taking two trips...

Back to present. So I bought 14 x 8 air grille and came back home. Of course I was off by 2 inches on both sides! So second trip to Home Depot was done then. I got 12 x 6 instead, and it fit!

A duh moment upcoming now. I read the words on the said it is for duct size of 13 7/8 by 8 inches... oh! Why do they like to confuse me!


Anonymous Your brother said...

Registers and grilles are measured/sold by the actual opening size, not by the outer dimensions needed.

11:45 AM  

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