Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Energy Saving Audit

I probably got some kind of reactions from some of you regarding my gas bill and my size of my home. As I joked to my coworker, my insulation is probably at R-0 (meaning no insulation). I live on a second floor condo of 1200 sq feet. I have an attic over me, with this insulation lining, but a previous owner flattened the insulation with heavy things, so the level is like at R-3. Gross. It's expensive to buy new insulation, but I do not own the attic as the HOA (Home Owners Associations) owns it. I will have to go to one meeting and propose to buy new insulation for all attics, but I doubt it will be passed because the owners living on first floor would not care as they are already insulated from the second floor above them. That, and my condo is not new - 20 years old. The insulation in the walls is probably almost gone, and my windows are original so they do not have much insulation left. Thus the high gas bill despite all of my efforts.


As it was mentioned in my Jan 4 post (here), we should do a home audit annually. My coworker found this site which does a free home audit http://hes.lbl.gov/. I tried to do this, but it seems to apply to actual houses only as it does not factor in living on the second floor only and other such things. But it is cool to do it anyway to determine how much you should actually be paying annually. This site also offers tips of energy saving here .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can request energy saving tips from your Electric/Gas company(ies). I've even received a DVD!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Awesome, a DVD? KCPL does include energy savings tips along with the bill monthly, so it's cool.

9:08 AM  

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