Thursday, February 02, 2006

Look rich... but live cheap.

My coworker welcomed me at work with a financial related link this morning, as usual, and it has this quote that I in particular really like. So it is the official motto of my blog as you can look at the top of this page :)

“Live well, look rich and never let the world know how little you're really paid.”

Which was inspired by this article - 9 ways to look rich but live cheap

Well - myself I do not follow those advices also I am not intent on the mandate to look rich. Like brownnosing social events to look good, I do not do that.

One advice I agree the most. NEVER PAY RETAIL. I do not BELIEVE in paying retail. Period. Do not ever buy an item at full price if it can be on sale somewhere else. For instance, I was wanting this digital camera Canon sd450 and its retail price is around $350. My friend got it for $280, so I swore not to buy that camera above $280 :) . Found one for $274 but I have to buy a printer, argh which I am not in mood to sell the printer on Ebay. Well maybe.. Ill think about it :)

And yes, especially children, for the last advice in that article, they cost you money. Wanna live rich? Do not have children then. :)

Im sure its obvious you are aware of my current viewpoint on children :)

::enjoying my $1.77 lunch right now::


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