Tuesday, January 17, 2006

50 Ways to Trim Your Budget

My friend gave me this good website that she said she bookmarked it for reference.

50 Ways to Trim Your Budget

I am pleased to see that I am already applying most of those tips especially:

"Douse unneeded lights and turn off TVs, computers and other electronics when not in use"
That is my HUGE pet peeve when people visit my place - leaving lights on in rooms when they are not using it! I kindly remind them to turn the lights off. ::mutters::

"Use shades, blinds and drapes to regulate your home temperature: Keep them open in the winter to let in light and drawn in the summer to block the sun's rays."
Every morning in winter, I open the blinds facing SOUTH - this is the direction where you get most heat. AT the evenings, I shut those Blinds. It is a nice habit to have.

I like how this article groups categories and their tips, like automobile, clothing, food and health care. Very useful article. Worth checking it out.


Anonymous Silvia Lopez said...

This is useful! I printed 1 out to leave its residence on my ref at home... ;)

2:53 PM  

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