Friday, January 20, 2006

Tax Preparation Begins

First of all, I would like to share you this Chicken of the Sea coupon, if you like tuna. It is last day to fill this out to receive the coupon.

$2 off Tuna

Now, back to the subject. 2005 has ended, and I'm sure you have been getting some mail regarding your tax, such as W2 form or 1099-B. Confused of what you really need to get all prepared for filing your taxes? This website lists all items that you may or may not need

Also, this other website talks about standard/itemizing deductions. If your itemizied deduction is below the standard deduction, use the standard deduction. If the itemizied deduction is greater than the standard, use the former. Rare that ever happens to me - that is, using the itemized deductions. But this was my first full year of paying mortgage interest, so I get to use itemized deduction. Whooo! Anyway here is the article which talks about what you can use for itemized deductions and the standard deductions for your filing status.


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