Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The perfect dress.

I did it. I found the dress.

My pageant director required me to get the second dress, for the evening wear gown segment of the Miss Deaf America pageant this summer. Second dress, why? It is the backup to my first gown, in case anything happens to it, or one other contestant has similiar dress to it. I highly doubted it, but then it is always fun to get another dress :)

How wrong I was.

8 stores, 150 dresses later, and finally. I found the dress. I tore fabric, one zipper cut my finger, got stuck in several dresses, had to ask the cashier to zip me out, and so on and on. And then the very last dress I tried on - it is just perfect.

And it was only $161. That is the sweetest part of it. :)

I originally tried this dress on and it was $400 but the price was too high. Thus the 8 stores search and 150 dresses and at last, a glamourous and shimmy dress that is worth $161, after taxes.

The feeling is worth it.


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