Friday, February 03, 2006

Welcome Corey into the world

This post is dedicated to Michael, a coworker of mine, who recently became a first time father yesterday morning at 5:40 am CST. His wife gave birth to a baby boy named Corey Michael. Congrats.

Here's a bunch of links for those who are thinking about having a baby :)

Tips for soon-to-be parents

Financial shocks for parents of newborns

Don't overspend for snobby baby stuff

Naturally I would not be following those articles, at least not for a VERY LONG time.

Now going to enjoy my half-priced Burger King lunch... thanks to the coupons in my mail...


Anonymous steven said...

good one. but might want to re-consider using cloth diapers...

1) time to clean em
2) have to wash em right away otherwise house will *gulps* smell
3) heard some stories that too much poop could clog the washers lol and spoil other clothes??? unless wash them the old fashion way..

1:24 PM  

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