Friday, March 17, 2006

Weirdest thing I got in the mail..

I knew spam and chain mails were bad but this thing I got in the mail. Wow.

It was from of some Church (wont mention here, not wanting to offend people of that denomation). It was a slender envelope with wordings on the back ... "Open and you will be blessed". It came with a prayer rug (paper) with picture of Christ with his eyes closed, but a tear rolling down his cheek. The instructions told me to look at Christ relaxed and his eyes will open and know what you need. So I stared at his eyes...

His eyes opened!

Eh. It was an opticial illusion. The envelope came with other bunch of paper, including a checklist of what I need - such as a car, house, health, and the amount of money I want. Wow. So if I am in need of money, I just write down the amount and mail it back. Next day I am $40000 richer. A lady on this info commerical sheet said she got 40k the next day and was blessed. Along with other testominies (sp) of other "customers" saying... "My husband was saved by this Prayer Rug".... "I got 10k!" ...."He healed my health."

Sounds like a good deal eh?


Anonymous Brian said...

Hey. Guess what? I got the same thing in the mail a day later. That prayer rug is spooky!

3:09 PM  
Blogger MattG said...

Same here. I especially love the part on the back where you are asked to send in a check. I've seen something similar to this on Television lately. Lerow Jenkins and his "Miracle Water." You buy a tube of water from him, and you are GUARANTEED things like: Hundreds of thousands of dollars, new houses, fancy cars, to be rid of cancer, that you son gets out of prison, etc etc.

My religious arguments aside, I think this is humanity at it's worst. Tapping into people faith to get gain.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous brian said...

I totally agree with themdg. Its almost like exploitation of the faithful. Its crap like this that really puts a negative view on organized religion. It is amazing how low people will go get earn a few bucks from hard working people.

5:13 PM  

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