Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My latest home project

Last spring and summer my furry companion known as Socks decided to destroy an area of my kitchen's vinyl flooring and an area between hallway and the kitchen (carpeting). I covered up the damage with some ugly rugs. Also, my door entry area has cracked ceramic tiles (think the building has set over last 20 years)

It has been almost a year, and I am overdue for floor replacement. The reason why I have delayed so long is - cuz its so much work and decisions :( vinyl, carpet, stone, ceramic, unglazed/glazed, self install, professional install, where.


1) door entry area dining room/kitchen/hallway/bathroom
2) door entry area/dining room/kitchen/hall
3) kitchen/hall/bathroom/entry
3) kitchen/hall/entry

and some more combination. Whimpers. The max sq feet I get is 274.7 and the min I got was 180.

Plus the type of flooring. I decided not to get carpet for obvious reasons - kitchen and bathroom get wet alot. Same goes for wood flooring. I came down between vinyl and ceramic flooring. The prices really are different. Vinyl is very cheap and it is like $300 for the whole thing, but ceramic goes ummm between 1000 and 2500. Much difference there. And yet I want ceramic flooring. Prettier and last longer. And Socks can't damage the ceramic floor (as far as I can think of), as he damaged the vinyl flooring pretty easily.

Now its ceramic tiles. Then - self install or professional install? I have so many corners in my measurements. It will be unfair to collect people and do hell job to cut ceramic tiles. And it will take days. Ugh. It would be a total mess. Way cheaper yes. So I am really leaning toward professional installation.

Now its ceramic tiles plus professional installation. I came upon this website that has alot of good tips

now I have to decide -
1) buy cheap tiles somewhere, hire professional installer
2) buy tiles and get installation service at same place

I plan to check out Home Depot and Nebraska Furniture Mart. I have 15% discount to Home Depot so I think maybe prices will be similiar to NFM but who knows. And I still do not know yet what the rough estimate will be. I will have to get estimates for the mininium and maximum sq feet and discuss with my budget and decide from there.

Wish me good luck. Any advices will be appreciated. I plan to head out to Home Depot after work to discuss the options. NFM this weekend. Someone suggests Lowes... but eh. Maybe I should.

By the way if you are interested in the flooring guide, Home Depot has a really good one (it makes you decide which kind of flooring you want) Tile Flooring Guide . You can go back to the menu to look at different kinds of flooring (vinyl, carpet, hardwood) .


Blogger natech said...

Sounds like a plan. :-) One tip. Home Depot and Lowes are pretty much rivals like Wal-mart and Target. Get the estimate from both and then pretend to lie that you got that estimate from Lowe and see if Home Depot will be willing to match it, whereas it's really lower than Lowe had told you. Play a little game.

Good luck! and imagine the joy when it is finally completed. Don't forget to take pics.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous steve said...

If you wanna try it yourself, I think the only skills you need is measurement be able to handle a jig saw... (it also has diamond blades that you can just cut it yourself without a mud saw.)

Its very easy to do. but if you really don't want to do it, just buy the materials yourself and hire a handyman service or have homedepot and lowes install it for you. usually they give you a flat rate per sq ft for installation.

1:59 PM  

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