Monday, March 06, 2006

Sidekick users only - MoneyClip

I have a recommendation for Sidekick users out there who have a desire to budget and manage their accounts, but not really using such programs at home.

MoneyClip 2.0

It costs $5.99 (.99 upgrade) for one time download. Last summer I knew I had a budget problem but did not really have motivation to go on a computer and make my own budget thru a program (probably Excel). Sidekick is an utility that I use everyday, "on demand" (an ever changing IBM slogan) in my hands. This budget program is just perfect for me.

I get to add my accounts (liability/assets) and it shows my balance. It lets me to update with daily transcations. Yep everything is manual, (except for calculating part) and does not let you to compare your accounts with actual ones online, so that might be a con for many.

It is nothing fancy - but it lets you to create categories, transcations, accounts, budgets. Budget is cool thing I use - I set budget for food for $200 a month and it lets me to subcategorize the food into Groceries and Restaurants. It is pretty useful for me. Another con is that it does not automatically move to next month; I need to change the dates myself.

Another nice thing is that it is password protected, although if you forget yours, everything is lost forever. But it is not a must to enable your password, but very strongly recommended. Just a remainder not to depend on this program entirely (although I am). Also you can export your data in a .qif format so you can download it to your computer as backup.

Most cool thing about the .99 upgrade is that it has "quick entries" so it will set up recurring transcation automatically (i.e. your paycheck, saving deduction, bills). I recently uploaded this so I am thrilled about this new option.

Ever since I have set my own budget planner, my budget has been improving slowly but steadily into a good shape, with some adjustments here and there.

Budgetting rules!


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