Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a weekend of scares.

I headed over to Jackonsville, Illinois last weekend to see my good college friend marry his now wife. However, when I was stopping by a Mcdonalds' somewhere on I-70, I realized I did not have my favorite credit card (Citi Dividend - which I will quit soon, to be explained in a future post). Uh oh. Last time I used it was 7 miles ago when I filled up my gas tank.

Immediately I drove back to that gas station, and saw a red car with three teenagers hanging. Instantly I suspected they were using my card. I went up to them and asked them if they have seen a credit card around. They looked around and decided to move their car so I could see if there was a card under. Nope.

Crap. I went to park nearby and started to eat my Big Mac, thinking. Then I moved away something on my passenger seat - and saw my credit card just under the nape of the seat.


Now second scare - I drove four friends over to a reception hall after the wedding. After enjoying ourselves too much, the place was closing at 11 pm. That was when I realized I did not have my car keys in my purse. I thought someone took it. We looked at my car to see if it was inside, or nearby. Nope. My friend Mandy thought it might be in the trunk. Great. My spare key is 300 miles away. How am I supposed to go back to work if I dont find my car keys inside?

Next morning - Sunday - I called Volkswagen Emergency Roadside Assistance service - thank goodness I packed that card into my wallet just before I went to Jaxville. I found out I was still covered by their warranty so it was all free. The guys came to jack my window and unlock the car. Then we looked inside, and sure enough my keys were inside the trunk!

Again, whew.


Anonymous silvia said...

1 scare too many, lol. Glad ur wkend was fun filled anyway! You didn't bring Socks?

1:50 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Nah, Socks did not belong to the weekend full of partying.

12:47 PM  

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