Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Tortilla Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy going on. Since my brother bought me a quesadilla maker for Hanukkah last year, I have been addicted to it, which involves buying tortillas.

You know how packages usually come in even number? Like 8 count, 10 count of tortilla. Even hot dog buns too, in 12 count.

Well, you are about to be in for a surprise.

I started noticing this since last summer. I always ended up with an odd piece. I use 2 tortillas to complete my quesadilla, and then I come upon to last piece. I disregarded it as I assumed my temporary roommate at the time took a piece.

Nope. After my roommate left, I was still ending up with last piece - odd number.

Now, every time I buy new tortilla package, I always end up with odd number. 9 not 10. I got ripped off every time.

I think there is a conspiracy in food marketing. Fooling customers to buy less than they are paying for. Not only tortillas... but I noticed this in potsticker packages too. I would cook 5 potstickers at a time... but then second time, I end up with 4. That is 9 potstickers not 10 potstickers.

Someone told me I should voice my opinion to the tortilla company but I fear the....

Tortilla Hitman.


Blogger oneninefive said...

Maybe the best way to ensure you are not a victim of future food product conspiracies is to check the package (open the box if necessary) and counting the contents before paying for them.

I do agree with you, sometimes I come one short of what the package says, but other times I come up with an extra piece.

It seems to happen to me rarely, so I guess you are having some bad luck with tortilla products. There should be some kind of customer contact information you can call to mention your issues. Who knows you will meet the Tortilla Giving Man and get plenty of free tortillas instead of the Tortilla Hit man.

12:35 PM  
Blogger FrecklesFly said...

You have nothing to fear of Tortilla Hitman if u cook up, this person, a killer quesdilla :D

10:45 AM  
Blogger MattG said...

This kinda stuff boils my blood. Especially if the package is filled by amount, and not weight.

I would take them back every time I get a bad one. Eventually the store will complain to their distributor.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Matt, finally, someone who feels the same as I do!

Mike - opening the package ? Might be a bit hard, though. Its true what my friend says - if they give you extra, you dont complain or return it. If they give you less, you complain.

Rachy - hmm, the tortilla hitman would fear the killer quesadilla. I might do that. Thanks.

12:51 PM  

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