Sunday, March 25, 2007

ultra-expensive lunch...but worth it

expensive lunch ... but ...worth it thanks to this $25 coupon

I found this $25 coupon, which is good until March 31, only if the reservation is made online. I have asked Hemant (a coworker) to join me, and he loves seafood. I have never been to McCormick & Schmick's, which is located at the Plaza (which, if you visit me, you NEED to visit the Plaza), but have heard it was good. It is a fancy seafood place, but I had no idea how FANCY it was until we went. All I could say, thank goodness we dressed up a bit.

I was trying to make a friday night dinner reservation, but both weekends were booked, so we agreed on a Saturday lunch which happened yesterday. I took Hemant on the scenic route to the Plaza (103rd St -> State Line (bordering Kansas and Missouri) -> Ward Pkwy -> Plaza). Gorgeous manisons and trees and flowers are blooming in time for the spring.

The moment we sat by our table, we glanced at the menu... hmm the prices were not that expensive (averaging $10 an entree)...Hemant glanced at our printed out coupon...and said it was for dinner. Uh oh. We stared at each other and were not sure if the waiter would accept the "dinner only coupon". I pointed at the coupon at front of the waiter and he nodded. Hmm. I do not think he read it. So we went all out. Glasses of wine, appetizer, entrees, desserts. It was truly delicious and worth their prices. Then the bill came.

It was $70!!!! Definitely not a frugal lunch. I gave the coupon to the waiter and he reduced our bill to $45! Wow. We were really lucky.

I would recommend you to go to M&S Seafood restaurant, if you appreciate seafood. There is the Grill, for non-seafood lovers. And do not forget the coupon, as it expires end of this month.


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