Friday, January 13, 2006

Chatzky's top 10 money saving tips

A friend of mine paged this article to me this morning. Repetitive, but sound and good advices, that I think you need to read. I find it ironic that first tip talked about setting bills to be paid automatically. That was what I talked about in one of my previous entries. It completely avoids late fees, and paying for stamps.

Seventh tip is what I am trying to improve and follow. Once every two months or so, I drive up to Minnesota and back which is 450 miles one way. I do not speed above 5 mph the limit. Any more than that, my gas goes down fast. My Passat also has this feature that tells me my real-time MPG and the average MPG. Once in a while, I try to "make" it above 20 mpg average for streets with tons of stop light. If it is below 20 mpg, I try to drive as slow as I can, so it will increase to 20 mpg, that is, if there is no car behind me. It is a game to me, if I am in the mood with time to kill. Fun and save me gas :-D.

Yep, yep, I was (am?) guilty of spending too much on eating out, regarding Tip #8-10. I think I have drastically improved since spring/summer, so I am very glad of that. Setting myself on $200 a month for food budget really helps. Know what? I have not spent anything on food SINCE that $15 sushi lunch last Thursday. Wow! So I am treating myself for a Thai lunch today :-D I did hesistate, but it is my former team lead's birthday tomorrow, so who would want to miss the lunch for that.

The article truly has good tips that I think all of you should at least check it out.


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