Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finding cheap flight tickets is. frustrating.

Finding cheap flight tickets is frustrating, especially if you must follow a fixed schedule, say to be in Palm Springs, California between 9 am and 2pm on a FRIDAY. That is asking for more money. Ugh.

For instance, if I do not have a specific time to be in PS (Palm Springs), I would have bought that $199 ticket ($210 after fees). No. All morning flights on that day (Friday is a dangerous day to buy cheap tickets) cost over $280. And I swear, those sites are rigged.

It was $240 and I clicked to buy - no - it is unavailable. Bullsh*t. $240 was there all long to deceive me, holding my hopes high. It turned into $380.

I know flight fares change throughout the day but not like this. It was always $240 all the time when I kept double checking. I did not buy at that time because I did not know the exact date and time yet to be in California for the retreat for the Miss Deaf America pageant.

Sometimes to be frugal... but sometimes just be safe than sorry. I used my United discount and bought 2 tickets for $577 (for myself and my chaperone). At least it is less than $600 combined. Im happy but not too happy but not too disappointed.

Websites I used:

I would love to use www.priceline.com.... unfortunately it does not tell you the time, which I cannot afford doing that.

I had $25 discount from United, but it applies only to one person per itirenary. Eek. I saw the low price thru mobissimo (it led me to 1800cheaptickets). So then I went to United airlines page and used my code to get the discount ticket, and at the same time buying the second ticket thru cheaptickets, making sure the flight numbers are same for both.

At least I got both under $600...bye bye stress *poof* gone


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