Sunday, February 26, 2006


That's right. You read the subject line correctly. For those who do not know me, I have very hard time to tan, and if I do actually tan, it will be gone the next day.

Fate had it when my state pageant director suggested me to get a tan because she said I looked too white on stage, especially my legs. So I put my frugal instincts to work, and discovered that we do not have to pay anything out of the pageant fund for it! Why? I looked up "Mystic Tan" at this Palm Beach Tanning Salon online, and clicked on "Look for discounts/coupons in your area" and typed in my zipcode. Sure enough, a coupon appeared, and it offers TWO free UV-free tanning or a week worth of UV tanning.


Naturally I was looking for sunless tanning, because I do not believe in abusing UV power to get a tan, especially from a tanning bed. Sunless tanning costs around $25 a visit. Expensive. But, 2 free sunless tans? Wow.

My advice - if you are looking for something, go to that website and look for its offerings, especially discounts and coupons. Do not go right straight to that tanning salon next door just because you want a tan. Look it up online and explore for discounts.

And yes, I have this pretty nice tan! Last Friday I used 1 of 2 free sunless tans, and I looked like burnt cookie. Slowly it faded over yesterday but my face still looked tooo tan. I recently washed my body this morning with such vigor and used exfloriating (sp?) towelette all over my body. Now I have a nice tan :) Too bad it lasts 4 days...


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Is this the kind that sprays you with stuff? It really only lasts 4 days? That's pretty expensive for 4 days!

3:29 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Yeah, it sprays you with DHA chemical which turns your skin significally darker. I agree with you that it is expensive. I felt fortunate to find 2 free sunless tanning sessions to try it out.

There is also a deal, $60 a month for unlimited sunless tanning which is pretty much cheaper.

3:39 PM  

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