Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Last Monday evening I went out to get my last free UV-free tan ::sniffs:: then decided to go to Wild Oats food store next door. It is an organic whole food store. My entertainment book offers 4 $5 off $20 coupons. Well, it does not hurt to check the store out, as it is my first time, and it is quite pricey compared to regular retail food store.

So I bought fruits, veggies, and some other stuff, trying to make it to $20 but not more. And I spotted this. Potstickers!

Potstickers. mmmmmm. Last October when I was visiting my friend ( in DC, we had those late midnight snacks as potstickers. Very craving and tasty. He told me they r found in asian food markets. And I havent gotten around to go to an Asian food store here. And it's right there in Wild Oats! Who would have known? At 3.99, I thought the price was actually reasonable. Hehehe....Im looking forward to my late midnight snacks known as potstickers.

Now that reminded me of a pretty interesting Korean film where a man was kidnapped and trapped in a room for (30 years?) and he was fed only but potstickers. When he escaped out of his jail, he went to every restaurant in Korea, eating their potstickers until he found the very potstickers familiar to him then went after the bad guy who put him in jail. I forgot the name of the movie. I'm sure someone will mention it in the comments here.


Blogger natech said...

Don't forget the soy sauce and some seasoning, I think ginger and something else. Google it. You also might want to put some wok oil or vegetable oil to prevent from getting burned. Your palate will thank you. Cheers.

1:44 PM  
Blogger natech said...

Oh, the name of the movie is "Old Boy". If you like The Fight Club or Se7en, you'll like this movie.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

That's right. The instructions on the package for potstickers say to boil them, though. Think frying is under "Browning" instruction right after boiling though. I did not see you boiling the potstickers. Hmm.

2:12 PM  

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