Friday, April 14, 2006

26 issues of Forbes for $3. No Kidding.

I just purchased a subscription for 26 issues of Forbes for $3!!! It is a good financial magazine and well known.

I found this information thru

Or you can go to and look for cheapest magazines.

No catch. Just make sure you notify them you want to stop the subscription right before it ends or it will automatically renew you. More gems

Cosmopolitan $11.25 for 13 issues
Glamour $5.40 for 12 issues!!!

Im officially in heaven. It is so terribly tempting to buy many subscriptions but I am sticking to Forbes. For now. I think. Although Kiplinger's Personal Finance subscription is tempting... $4 for 36 issues...I have 1 issue and it is pretty good.


Anonymous Coworker Brian said...

Don't you mean that I found it? I as in co-worker Brian who always finds good the good stuff that you blog about. I saw it on and I told you about. Its a super deal. I got 26 issues of Forbes for $3.00. It's hard to beat that.

11:24 AM  

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