Monday, April 17, 2006

Shoes Galore!

You can disown me as the Queen of Frugality. ::whimpers::

In 2 weekends span... I have bought seven pairs of shoes.... SEVEN.

And after 8 hours of shopping for shoes last Saturday with my chaperone Angela, I have became disconnected with the reality of buying shoes. And this newfound addiction grew on me - buy buy more shoes more shoes. Wow.

Of course there is a justification :) those shoes are for the NAD pageant this summer. Angela and I will be in California for 12 days, under scrunity and the spotlight. And I only had those umm sneakers, college style pairs.. "teenager"-style shoes. So I guess I was due for a long haul though.

Those shoes are for cocktail wear, evening dress wear, sun dress wear, and et cetera, with summer in mind (translation: sandals). And I know most of them I will wear again (except for the formal evening dress wear - when will I wear an evening dress again?)

Shoes shoes. I am trying to avoid being Carrie from Sex and the City which she would buy $300+ for a pair. Out of those 7 shoes, the lowest price was $20 and the highest was $50. The average was $30, so my frugality did come into play :). I think $30 for a pair is very reasonable.


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