Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Equal Payment Plan

I am on equal payment plan for both gas and electricity for my home, and it definitely helps me to budget better. I would be paying in $10s in winter but $100s in summer. With equal payment plan, I paid $47 monthly. With gas, I paid $60 monthly.

Why did I use the past tense of "pay"? It is November, and I started the equal payment plan in November when I moved in my home. The payment adjusts annually by looking at your usage history.

Bad news - the gas increased by 55 cents but at least that's just 55 cents extra monthly, to $60.55, despite all of my efforts to use as little gas as possible. But I am relieved it does not soar up to like $70 monthly.

Now.. the good news. I could not believe my eyes. My payment plan for electricity has reduced by $14! It went down to $33 from $47. Wow. I think it was because I tried to use less A/C as possible, but am not sure. So, I am saving $14 a month. I am thrilled :)


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