Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Elms: A worthy overnight getaway

Getting away to the Elms in Excelsior Springs, MO was a worthy break. The spa resort is in a very quiet little town, surrounded by curvy and hilly roads and lush forest. It is a nice short break away from daily life of Kansas City - work, school, pageant, and other things.

To sum our break (Tawanna and mine), I have uploaded pictures to my flickr.

My Flickr Set: Getaway at the Elms

As mentioned in previous post, we took the Friday Night Special - totaling $169 for a room, dinner buffet, and a free movie in our room. I thought that was a pretty decent price for a spa resort. After taxes (and history tax??) it came to total of $94 each. The buffet was pretty good, and we truly stuffed ourselves. We had soup, salad, entrees, and desserts. I did not try the crab legs, because it is a stressful experience trying to pry little meat out of tough legs, and since I was on a getaway, so I declined from the crab legs but went for bloody raw prime rib. Tawanna wanted her prime rib well done, so the chef specifically cooked it for her. Very nice. After resting from the big dinner, we went down to the fitness room and execrised. Then we went swimming and hung out in the hot tub. Starting to get sleepy..we went back to our room and used our coupon for free movie - we picked "A Night at the Musuem", which was a light comedy, maybe decent for a relaxing night, but I would give that movie an average rating.

Next morning we had breakfast buffet, which we paid $11 each. I thought that was overpriced since the buffet was not all that great. We were told it was 7.95 by the front desk, oh well. Then we checked out and went downstairs to...our pampering! Tawanna and I shared the same room for massage and facial. That was interesting. I had only a facial once last year, and it was very different this hmm I do not think I would recommend a facial to anyone staying at the Elms, for that price. The massage was pretty good. Then we went to get our pedicure/manicure, which was pretty regular (nothing extraordinary). I still do not know why the spa at the Elms is called "KC's best spa", though we did have a nice time. It might bother a bit that the area was shared by other guests for the pool/sauna/fitness, though.

But overall, it was a nice and inexpensive getaway for a night. I did really come back feeling very refreshed and full of energy.



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