Monday, April 23, 2007

just great.

I was already late for my 9am appointment at a place, and I was pulled over by a cop. Great, I was thinking. My clean record clean no more. I was going 40 in 35 and the cop was already behind me all long but I probably daydreamed for a second and he caught me speeding a bit.

Gulp. No. He told me that my license tag (the personalized license plate) is expired. I was confused - huh ? He says I'm supposed to be using one of those personalized buffalo plates not the sunflower plate. The sunflower one expired last year apparently and I knew NOTHING about this. Whoever heard of expired license plate anyway and I paid extra for this personalized plate.

Here's what the buffalo one looks like:
The one I currently have (minus the numbers and cycle label) looks like this:

Basically, I got fined $70 and am ordered to make a court appearance on May 14.

Grr. I will go to Olathe DMV tmw and talk to them about replacing my license tag (again, who knew?)


Anonymous Lord Hughes said...

I wouldn't have known either. Unless its in some fine print. I see a lot of buffalo plates but I just thought they were new personalized plates. That's a a ticket you should not have gotten. A warning would have made more sense.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Silvia said...

The sunflower plate looks more friendly than that ugly fat beast, lol. :)

5:28 AM  

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