Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Budget Issues

It's been a long time since I last posted. Definitely overdue. But I do not really know what to say. So much has happened it has been a whirlwind. I ended my reign as Miss Deaf Kansas, and ran for KAD secretary and won. I also applied to RIT for graduate school. I drove to MN to visit my family. My uncle's family came to Kansas City. I got elected as Vice President of Education for my Toastmasters club in District 22.

That makes me wonder, am I doing too much. Probably. But I'm definitely only doing the Vice President for a year. And I still wonder if I am going to RIT. I still have not heard anything from IBM funding, and the registration started yesterday.

Ok, budget wise - June and July are the hardest months for me to budget, because there are so many things going on - especially going out to eat and socialize and that costs money. Also there are clothes I wanted to buy. Splurges, splurges, ... I think it should settle down by August or September, except for paying for that car insurance, house insurance, and car tag/registration which will take a quite of a chunk out of my funds. Also I am doing that yearly carpet cleaning, because there are ugly stains all over (I know, I see them, you do not have to act like you do not see them).

Well, you can still check out photos at Flickr photos for my latest doings.

Also, there are pictures during KAD conference where I relinquished my crown - KAD Conference in Hutchinson

Trip to Crossroad district
Art Crawl


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