Friday, May 11, 2007

A Sweet Mother's Day gift is a ripoff in my opinion, really, unless they screw up the order :)

Last year for Mother's Day I decided to order a basket of flowers and have it shipped to my mom's home in Saint Paul. The price was quite hefty, even with IBM's 15% discount code. The shipping/handling hurts. I think that is how the company makes money - from shipping and handling costs.

So my mom got the flowers on Saturday, a day before Mother's day. She emailed me and said they were sweet and thoughtful but the flowers were dry and almost dead. She went ahead and called company and complained about the flowers. The company apologized and mailed another set of flowers (which was still almost dead and ugly, though) to my mom and mailed me a gift certificate that was equal to the cost of the flowers ($35). Hmm. Ok. My mom told me she did not want me to mail any flowers to her.

The gift certificate/"rebate" expires this June, so I decided to order something else thru for Mother's Day this Sunday. No flowers, so now I was looking at chocolate boxes. There was a nice set of Godiva dark chocolate which I ordered. My mom is very crazy over dark chocolate. The price - whoa, pricey. I put down IBM code for 15% discount, then used my gift certificate from last year's screw-up.

The total? $4. :)


Blogger Lance said...

Hi Pamela,
For local chocolate, checkout Andre's.
Also, checkout the Grand Cru collection of single-source truffles. Truly heaven for the dark chocolate lover. If you are feeling particularly into dark chocolate, checkout Sprungli in Zurich, Switzerland sometime.


11:09 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

mm, chocolate. Andre's looks interesting and that is here in Overland Park! I should check it out soon.

10:56 PM  

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