Saturday, February 18, 2006


Original price: $229
Minus the assembly fee: -$25
Price after 15% discount: $209 (after taxes)
Bonus: $40 gift certificate to be used in March
Total savings: $85

Yep. Worth waiting for. I went to as much stores as I could, throughout 1 year, to look for a buffet table that fits my style and taste. I spotted this buffet table at Home Decorations, that I quite liked. My friend liked it. Several months later, my mom was in town, and I showed that table to her. She liked it.

What was I waiting for? I did not know.

Until this ad came in the mail. Then I knew what I was waiting for.

It offered the customer $10 gift certificate for every $50 of purchase. Ooo. The only catch is to use that gift certificate in month of March. And I do like alot of things in that store. I zoomed to that store and found the 3 door black buffet table, exactly what I wanted. If they did not have it in the store, you would have to order it and pay for the assembly. I told the saleswoman that I wanted this table so she cleared all stuff off it, and we both saw this stain (from a lamp sitting on it) and she couldn't remove it. It was only noticeable if you shine light on it. So she gave me 15% discount or order another one. I took the 15% discount.

The lovely buffet table is currently sitting in my dining room. Soon in two weeks I am heading out there again to use my $40 gift certificates. Whooo!


Blogger natech said...

Guess patience paid off. You need to take a pic of it to show what it looks like.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

8:41 AM  

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