Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, NaTech!

Today is my good buddy Nathan's 25th Birthday. I am envious - that means cheaper car insurance! Soon, soon it shall be my turn...

Nathan is definitely my "frugal" buddy. I turn to him alot to talk about money. We talk about personal finances which is basically anything related with money. Savings, frugality, investment, retirement plan, whatnots...I think he inspired me to decide to do the platform on personal finances for my pageant.

It was indeed a good "fiscal" year for him. He recently got hired by Google, his dream employer, and has been focusing on his personal finances successfully, such as budgetting, investing and saving. Let's wish him for another successful personal finance year!

Happy birthday, Nathan! For those who want to check his blog out -

and wish him a happy birthday!


Blogger natech said...

aw thanks Pam. The best birthday present is to retire and be finanically independent! and ofc, do a lot of traveling and eating different foods. :-D

3:21 PM  

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