Thursday, November 30, 2006


At last, I finally own a digital camera. It was hard to decide when and which one to buy! I usually use my sidekick 2's camera so I did not see a point of buying a digital camera, though...I was beginning to wish I had one, so I could take better pixs of things to sell on Ebay and events happening in my life, such as Miss Deaf Kansas events, and especially taking pixs of Socks playing at Shawnee Mission Park.

So Black Friday was approaching last week when I was in St Paul staying at my parents', I picked this time to look thru all Black Friday advertisments for better deal and good camera. I decided on Canon SD600 - and Circuit City was the lowest competitor, selling at 199.99. Best Buy was 2nd one - at 219.99. The other stores were selling it for $250.

So on Black Friday morning, I did not want to get up at 4 am. I decided to press my luck and got up at 7 am. My mom and I went to Circuit City. It was total chaos - long lines, people waiting. I went over to the cameras section and pointed at the ad to a staff member. He said "OUT".

I was sad but knew I was pressing my luck. My mom insisted on walking over to OfficeMaxx, saying they would do price match. I said, "No way will stores price match on a Black Friday!" She said "Never know!" I growled because it was cold outside and we were wasting our time walking out of our way, few stores over, to OfficeMaxx.

OfficeMaxx was in order. Empty and destolute. Few people here and there. We went to the cameras section and saw SD600. It was priced at $250. A salesman came to us and my mom asked him if they do price match. He nodded. I gulped. He called the back to see if they had any in stock. Only 2 left. I was thrilled - immediately bought it and 1 GB memory card, for $17, also a Black Friday special, down from $34.

So now I have a nice camera and 1 GB memory to store pixs, all for $226, I indeed think it was a nice deal :)


Blogger MattG said...

You can never go wrong with Canon! They make grrrreat cameras. I hope to see some of your pictures soon. I've been posting some of my latest (also, shot from a Canon) on my weblog.

Happy snapping.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Silvia said...

Mommy knows best, huh? Bring ur camera to our next trip together! Maybe SF, CA? ;)

7:59 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Hehe thanks! I will definitely bring it to the next trip.

6:14 PM  

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