Monday, July 23, 2007

A belt and 3 undies for $2.42

I rock. NY&Co sends out coupons practically everyday. For those who do not know what is NY&Co, it is a clothing store for women. It used to be my favorite clothing store until I stopped liking the clothing styles. However, I still have the credit card for that store only which gives me a lot of discounts.

Especially this $15 off coupon. The catch? Nothing! Gotta love coupons like those. Basically if you buy $15 worth of clothing, you get $15 off. So I could not pass that up. Though, I had a hard time browsing in that store last weekend to see anything I liked...nothing :(. Then I thought of one thing - I needed a brown belt. So I got that. Then I picked out three undies that I liked. I do not need any more undies but I admit I like NY&Co's undies as they are comfortable. So the total was around $18 but sans the $15 coupon, it went down to $2.42.

So there you go. A nice belt and three new pairs of underwear for less than $3. You can't beat that.


Blogger FrecklesFly said...

Hehe, smart move! Wish I've that coupon when I had underwear emergency bit ago. I was in Rochy for few weeks to do some errands and especially CAR hunting. Thats when I realized I completely missed to pack underwears with all my stuffs! Duh, so had to buy some but none as CHEAP as urs, heh.

11:31 AM  

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