Monday, December 11, 2006

The cleansing experience

Last Wednesday night I was given an unpleasant surprise when I arrived home from the gym. The knob that turns the shower on or off was broken and loose. I desperately filled up the tub as fast as I could - I did not want to miss the "Biggest Loser" Finale (btw, I got duped. It is this Wednesday instead of last Wednesday, pfft).

Last November it was my 2 years anniversary of living at my condo. It was 2 years of suffering using my shower. I did not really enjoy my showering experience much, despite changing new shower head. Water pressure was ok-ok. The regulator sux - if I turned on hot water and decided to add some more cold water to make it less hot.. and then changed my mind, lessening the cold water and then it suddenly got all COLD. You would imagine after 2 years I would have mastered this technique. I was anxious with every showering experience, making sure the water was just right right before I jumped in.

So now, since the shower valve is broken - it is time to replace the whole damn thing, excuse my language. But ... that would mean tearing down the wall, replacing the entire thing, then put up the wall, retiling....eeek.

My coworker Nick recommended this plumber to me (through Tawanna), Joe Brown Plumbing. He said he was very good and least expensive of all. Joe told me on the phone that he would not tear down the wall but to cut up the hole around the faucets and it would look all nice. He would provide the faucets and the works, and he gave me the price of $400.

So I hired him.

Here is the "before" pix

"while" pix

Socks was nosing around in the bathroom

The work was done from 11 30 am to 1 30 pm and the plumber was done. I was very pleased with the work!

Total cost: $398.00.

I think the price was worth it, because he provided all of the materials, especially new faucet, single level control, regulator and the works, and it kept the wall intact. Less worries of retiling! But Socks did not appear to care...

But I know I will enjoy my showering experience from now on!


Anonymous Lord Hughes said...

Yay. Next up is your counter and you'll have a whole new bathroom!

8:37 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Hehe. My bathroom has new sink faucets, tub/shower faucets, toilet hoses and stuff, and a new floor. Thats a brand bathroom! No need to replace my counter. It is still shiny and nice - I use that glossy agent to wax it up.

11:26 AM  

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