Sunday, January 14, 2007

Struck Gold

Hehe..dont you love it when this happens? One coop (intern) from my work completed his coop assignment and has left his things at my work for freebies. I quickly skittered over to Bermuda and landed my eye on the gold - 2007 Entertainment Book Guide!

Last year I bought 2006 Entertainment Book, for it was full of coupons inside along with login to get more coupons online. It was a pretty cool deal, but I had to pay $20 for it and made sure I was using the book. I did not opt for 2007 one this year, but alas, a free one... sweet. Buy one IHOP meal, get one free...excellent, Tawanna and I go there maybe once every week or two weeks.. there's some new coupons this year like 15% discount at The Melting Pot... very nice indeed.


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