Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kramer Financial

Last night a representative from Kramer Financial came over to my home. It was nice to make connections, as he knows three of my cousins. Kramer Financial provides free consulting to deaf people, so I took advantage of that.

And I was very pleased with Dave's knowledge. He definitely gave me good advices and suggestions. He reviewed my 401k performance and my mutual funds (Legg-Mason) performance. I stopped funding Legg-Mason last summer as I grew skeptical of Primerica's doings. Dave told me that 1 of my 3 funds in Legg-Mason is doing above-average, and 2nd one is average and 3rd is below average. I decided to just leave the money there in Legg-Mason mutual funds to grow. He got me to join American Mutual Funds and had me review the Morning Star guide for their performances. I never saw that guide before and it reviews every mutual fund performance biweekly. He says there's around 11,000 mutual funds in there. Amazing.

I felt very good and comfortable about the meeting and I am glad to have someone like Dave to look over my performances and give feedbacks. I did ask him about MBA, how to get personal finance consulting certificate, and other things. Even better, he loved my dog Socks too :)

Oh when I went to the Kramer Financial website, I saw that they have good links to check out.


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