Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heading to tax-free state for the weekend

Hey fellow readers, Im heading up to MN for the weekend - yep you read the subject line - tax-free state! Well.... only for clothes and food!

Which means... I am going to shop, shop and shop!

Meanwhile enjoy reading this article provided by Brian, my coworker - this is on IBM stocks

CNN Money article on IBM stocks

Another one by my friend Nathan - on finances blogs

MSN article on growth of finances blogging

Friday, July 14, 2006

investopedia - any good ? I haven't used it yet. At first glance it seems to have too much junk on the front page.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How many credit cards should you have?

It depends on how you use the cards. Check this out.

I already posted a similiar blog entry on this -


I still have the same cards since that entry in March. I do still need to cancel that Sears card, and perhaps that Nebraska Furniture Mart card, as I do not think I will be buying any big item there.

I was close to cancelling the NY&Company card, but then I got more discounts if I use my card certain days of the year, and in the mail is still my favorite clothing store, and I do not have any other store card as such, so I should be OK :)

And oh yeah - getting that CitiProfessional card was definitely helpful for me, cuz as a young adult in the working world, I almost always eat out all the time, so it is nice to get some money back that way. (BTW CitiDividend is having a special - 5% back rebate for restaurant outings til September, so I am currently using that card instead for restaurants, until then)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The age of 25

I turned 25 last Saturday! I spent most of the day sleeping, to recuperate from the pageant boot camp experience. Then Seth took me to Dave and Busters to meet up with my 2 good friends and we enjoyed our times there. It was nice seeing fireworks from the roof top. There was a T-Bones game nearby, and they tend to have firework shows after the games.

And what else I am looking forward to - of course, spending birthday money :-D Let's splurgeeeee. Now, do not tell me to invest the money or something - have enuff of that mumbo jumbo for now ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

facing gas after a 2 week break

Don't you hate it when you visit California for 2 weeks and snicker at their ridiciously high prices, but gulp when you come back to Kansas and discover the gas prices to be equally high? :(


I am suffering from post-pageant syndrome. From June 23 to July 4 I was gone to California to compete in the Miss Deaf America pageant. It is unbelievably hard to get back to the mundane world, after being brainwashed by the pageant world, especially coming back to work and being not motivated.

Not only that but I was not keeping track of my finances, yet I put my faith in the automated billing system and automated transfers (401k, investments, savings, bills) and I glanced at my USBank account (my main account) online to make sure things are OK when I got back from Palm Desert. Thank goodness for technology. I also saved all receipts over last 2 or 3 weeks, and I must straighten them out eventually and make sure nothing is a-missing.

Pageant result? I am thrilled to inform you that I made it to the top 6, which meant I got to perform my platform, talent and show off my evening gown to the audience of 2,000. Also that dreaded stage interview. I did not place 1st, which gave me a sigh of relief, because it would be hard on me and my dog to balance NAD commitment and work commitment. But I am proud to say that I did give all of my best. Chelsea, who is just crowned new Miss Deaf America, does deserve the crown! Her smile is contagious and she is a very positive brilliant girl. So please stop asking me if the competition is rigged.

My chaperone Angela took over 300 pictures, and once I get them, I will keep you posted where to view them. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures taken from Sidekick 2.

I could not have asked for a better chaperone! We worked together very well, without producing any cat fight :) I am very grateful for her and am indebted to her.