Thursday, November 30, 2006


At last, I finally own a digital camera. It was hard to decide when and which one to buy! I usually use my sidekick 2's camera so I did not see a point of buying a digital camera, though...I was beginning to wish I had one, so I could take better pixs of things to sell on Ebay and events happening in my life, such as Miss Deaf Kansas events, and especially taking pixs of Socks playing at Shawnee Mission Park.

So Black Friday was approaching last week when I was in St Paul staying at my parents', I picked this time to look thru all Black Friday advertisments for better deal and good camera. I decided on Canon SD600 - and Circuit City was the lowest competitor, selling at 199.99. Best Buy was 2nd one - at 219.99. The other stores were selling it for $250.

So on Black Friday morning, I did not want to get up at 4 am. I decided to press my luck and got up at 7 am. My mom and I went to Circuit City. It was total chaos - long lines, people waiting. I went over to the cameras section and pointed at the ad to a staff member. He said "OUT".

I was sad but knew I was pressing my luck. My mom insisted on walking over to OfficeMaxx, saying they would do price match. I said, "No way will stores price match on a Black Friday!" She said "Never know!" I growled because it was cold outside and we were wasting our time walking out of our way, few stores over, to OfficeMaxx.

OfficeMaxx was in order. Empty and destolute. Few people here and there. We went to the cameras section and saw SD600. It was priced at $250. A salesman came to us and my mom asked him if they do price match. He nodded. I gulped. He called the back to see if they had any in stock. Only 2 left. I was thrilled - immediately bought it and 1 GB memory card, for $17, also a Black Friday special, down from $34.

So now I have a nice camera and 1 GB memory to store pixs, all for $226, I indeed think it was a nice deal :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Equal Payment Plan

I am on equal payment plan for both gas and electricity for my home, and it definitely helps me to budget better. I would be paying in $10s in winter but $100s in summer. With equal payment plan, I paid $47 monthly. With gas, I paid $60 monthly.

Why did I use the past tense of "pay"? It is November, and I started the equal payment plan in November when I moved in my home. The payment adjusts annually by looking at your usage history.

Bad news - the gas increased by 55 cents but at least that's just 55 cents extra monthly, to $60.55, despite all of my efforts to use as little gas as possible. But I am relieved it does not soar up to like $70 monthly.

Now.. the good news. I could not believe my eyes. My payment plan for electricity has reduced by $14! It went down to $33 from $47. Wow. I think it was because I tried to use less A/C as possible, but am not sure. So, I am saving $14 a month. I am thrilled :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Tortilla Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy going on. Since my brother bought me a quesadilla maker for Hanukkah last year, I have been addicted to it, which involves buying tortillas.

You know how packages usually come in even number? Like 8 count, 10 count of tortilla. Even hot dog buns too, in 12 count.

Well, you are about to be in for a surprise.

I started noticing this since last summer. I always ended up with an odd piece. I use 2 tortillas to complete my quesadilla, and then I come upon to last piece. I disregarded it as I assumed my temporary roommate at the time took a piece.

Nope. After my roommate left, I was still ending up with last piece - odd number.

Now, every time I buy new tortilla package, I always end up with odd number. 9 not 10. I got ripped off every time.

I think there is a conspiracy in food marketing. Fooling customers to buy less than they are paying for. Not only tortillas... but I noticed this in potsticker packages too. I would cook 5 potstickers at a time... but then second time, I end up with 4. That is 9 potstickers not 10 potstickers.

Someone told me I should voice my opinion to the tortilla company but I fear the....

Tortilla Hitman.