Wednesday, September 20, 2006

sensorineural hearing gain

I went to Midwest Ear Institute, under Saint Luke's Hospital two weeks, for hearing evaluation. I discovered that I could hear with the hearing aids! That was strange because last time I used hearing aid was at 4, but it did not provide any benefit (maybe because I did not care and did not wear them cuz my family is deaf?). Also I heard NOTHING with the annoying body aids in elementary school.

And now the hearing aid works. Niceeee. I was thrilled and ordered one (Phonak Maxx 411, a powerful digital aid). I was quoted at $1250. Ouch. I just ordered one because getting two is not of any benefit to me - I just need it to be aware of my environment surroundings (i.e. people walking behind me, dogs barking from a distance, door closing). I really enjoyed wearing the demo aids during the audiological appointment - so I cannot wait to get one of my own - which would be on Oct 4.

As for the price - I gulped at the price. But when I went back there for an impression of my ear to be made, I asked if my health insurance would pay. So the front desk receptionist called.

He went to my audiologist and spoke. The audiologist looked at me and said "you lucky." Not many insurance companies provide this benefit. Mine is paying most of it! They pay first $618 then 80% the rest. Whew! Paying only $125 is no big deal. Really good news.

For those who want to understand how hearing works (and hearing aids too) - the audiologist gave me several links
American Academy of Audiology (type that in a search engine i.e. Google or Yahoo)

The hearing aids help me to hear, but due to the damages in my inner ear, the signals are not being sent to the brain to decipher - meaning I would not be able to understand speech. For hearing folks - if you try my "hearing" you might be hearing "mumbles" or so. It is hard to explain.

My hearing aid:
Maxx 411