Monday, August 28, 2006

Spoiled by Good Seats

Thanks to my co-worker who sold me the KC Chiefs tickets for last Saturday's first home game (3rd preseason game, vs St. Louis Rams), I am now officially spoiled by seats in Section 100s. Btw, St.Louis Rams and KC Chiefs usually draw good number of people, due to both teams being in same state.

The seats were 8th row from the field, on the goal line. No more I am going to sit in the nosebleed section anymore. Last two games were in the nosebleed sections (300s), freezing to death. I am definitely going to shell out more bucks for good seats. Why shell out $$ for a game that you are not able to see at all but on TV?

Picture for your courtesy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a weekend of scares.

I headed over to Jackonsville, Illinois last weekend to see my good college friend marry his now wife. However, when I was stopping by a Mcdonalds' somewhere on I-70, I realized I did not have my favorite credit card (Citi Dividend - which I will quit soon, to be explained in a future post). Uh oh. Last time I used it was 7 miles ago when I filled up my gas tank.

Immediately I drove back to that gas station, and saw a red car with three teenagers hanging. Instantly I suspected they were using my card. I went up to them and asked them if they have seen a credit card around. They looked around and decided to move their car so I could see if there was a card under. Nope.

Crap. I went to park nearby and started to eat my Big Mac, thinking. Then I moved away something on my passenger seat - and saw my credit card just under the nape of the seat.


Now second scare - I drove four friends over to a reception hall after the wedding. After enjoying ourselves too much, the place was closing at 11 pm. That was when I realized I did not have my car keys in my purse. I thought someone took it. We looked at my car to see if it was inside, or nearby. Nope. My friend Mandy thought it might be in the trunk. Great. My spare key is 300 miles away. How am I supposed to go back to work if I dont find my car keys inside?

Next morning - Sunday - I called Volkswagen Emergency Roadside Assistance service - thank goodness I packed that card into my wallet just before I went to Jaxville. I found out I was still covered by their warranty so it was all free. The guys came to jack my window and unlock the car. Then we looked inside, and sure enough my keys were inside the trunk!

Again, whew.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

World's Best Car Wash My Passat Ever Had

Maybe exaggerating? Basically I got a really good deal, using the book. I was looking for places to clean my car, because it was really dirty especially with dog hair. I saw that my entertainment book has 50% coupons (1 monthly) for ultimate car wash and also discounts for express detailing at TurtleWax Car Wash and Auto Appearance Center. So I went there yesterday on 135th and Black Bob.

One hour later I drove out of the Turtle center, not believing what happened. I only paid $10 for:

-Full Service Soft Car Wash
-Sealer Wax
-Air Freshner, Hand Drying, Interior Vacuuming
-Window & Mirror Cleaning
- Dash & Steering Column Wipe Down
-Polyshell Triple Shine Foam Wax
-Undercarriage Wash and Rust Inhibitor
-Pick 1 from Machine Floor Mat Cleaning, Tie Shine, Hand-Scrubbed Whitewalls or Wheel Brighter (I chose Machine floor mat cleaning)

I am impressed with the results!

Sorry only Chicago and Kansas City has those centers!

Monday, August 14, 2006

MDAP pixs posted!

Oh oh I *finally* found the time to upload many pictures from my trip to California on After looking at the pictures, I realize I do miss the people and the experience - but it is definitely not a thing I want to do again! Too much pressure. Enjoy the pictures, especially in their sets at

*rip* *sting*

I joined a gym finally! It is only $10.95 a month, which is very nice. A coworker at IBM told me about it, and sure enuff, I bumped into other IBMers at Planet Fitness. Apparently a popular workout joint for my coworkers.

I was looking for some gym clothes and bought two shirts and a shirt from Target last Saturday. That same evening, my coworker Tawanna and I went to Beauty Brands to have our eyebrows waxed. I have discovered this $3 off coupon if you bring a friend ($3 off for me, and $3 off for her).

The lady did a good job on her, then I was next. Don't you hate being "next" after watching the experience? The lady put too much wax on below my eyebrow, and I blinked, and some wax got on on upper eyelid. I panicked for a second but did not know how to tell the lady - *RIP* I swore my lid was gone. It was painful and then she ripped the paper off the other eyebrow. PAIN. PAIN. I have my eyebrows waxed before and never this! I could swear the skin was burned. I had two red welts - one on upper part of each eyelid. Gulp.

All night it was still stinging. It was still stinging next day, Sunday. I decided to go back to Beauty Brands and showed them. I was their first person they ever saw the "welts". I told them I thought the lady put unnecessary wax too below my eyebrows. The skin is toooo sensitive. The manager said neosporin helps and refunded me my money back. Then I used some of that money buying the medicine.

Oh, when I was at Target again to buy the medicine and return one gym shirt (realized I didn't need two). I spotted on the ad wall - they were on sale for $2 off (10.99 instead of 12.99). Grr. So I showed my receipt to the customer service desk and got my $2 off and returned one shirt. Right you can do that - if they get on sale in that week, you can get the difference back (maybe not 1 week but 30 days?). Anyway.

Today is 2nd day after the horrifying experience. The welts truly looked like they were burnt - now they r pale pink, with wrinkles. :(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just Switch.

I am a happy wolf. I saved $348 by switching car insurance companies!!!

Original (Liberty Mutual): $1018 a year
New (Progressive): $670 a year
Savings: $348

That is almost 35% off. Really happy.

I used through IBM which has group discount. This feature is very cool because you submit your information of what you would like in your car insurance policy. Then, it searches several companies and return their quotes in less than 24 hours. You get the email when it is finished, and you compare the quotes and their ratings. Then you call the represenative to switch, and it is set. Some paperwork to do like faxing the existing policy and application form, and notifying the former company.

NOW that is being 25.

I heard that it is good idea to "shop" around once every 2 or 3 years, as you are more likely to find someone cheaper. Not sure why that happens but that is, naturally , a good thing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cross this item off my list - I had professional carpet cleaning last Saturday. It was definitely worth the price - no spot nor stain anywhere! Stanley Steemers even got rid of paint stain that was left over from my painting job several months back. Last time I had carpet cleaning done was back in Nov of 2005, right before I moved in. Oh there was also a time when I rented a carpet cleaner machine from Home Depot ($25 an hour ??) which did not really work too well.

I looked at how much I paid for AmeriClean in Nov 2005 and it was $277. Hmm. And I paid $276 this time for Stanley Steemers. AmeriClean does not move the furniture for you, while Stanley Steemers do. I am really glad with the job Stanley Steemers did, and I definitely will use them again next year.

I just scheduled for furnace and a/c unit tune up this Friday, am looking forward to a cleaner home!

Upcoming: car insurance deals

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

car insurance

Grr! I recently called Liberty Mutual about my car insurance policy. They have only reduced the policy premium by $20 because I am 25. Just $20 discount??? This is a joke! :( time to go car insurance shopping again, as I am still paying over a thousand buck for the premium ::sighs::

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Odes of August

Can't believe it is August already. Historically, August has been my most expensive month since I moved to Kansas. Why August? I am not sure. Here's my plan for month of August:

1 - yearly car insurance payout
2 - gym membership
3 - carpet cleaning
4 - furnace/AC maintenance
5 - new pc

Car insurance: I always pay once a year (unless I'm crippled of some financially reason, thankfully that has never happened). This is a NEED. Hopefully less than $1000, since I just became 25.

Gym membership: I am looking around for a gym to join ::shocked:: nah. Since I moved into my condo, I was using the trails pretty alot, but now it is under Kansas' most major construction project to date, I am leery of going around the orange fences and cones to get on the trails. Let alone bring a bike. I go for convienence, unfortunately. I am thinking of this community center that is on 119th and Nall that goes under $300 a year. Is this a need or want? Hmm... maybe in WANT category.

Carpet cleaning: Definitely a NEED category. Spots are all over and building, since I got a dog, and going thru winters and constructions indoors. This can go for $300 or so.

Furnace/AC maintenance: Again, a NEED category. It is a homeowner's duty to have her HVAC unit maintained yearly. Last time I had my furnace cleaned? March 05. AC ? No clue. Eeps. About time I have it done now. I think this is under $100 or so, for both units.

New PC: Not sure if it's in NEED or WANT category. My PC is 6 years old, and uber slow. Sure I can upgrade but that will take alot of parts to do that, ugh (read: convienence). Also it doesn't fit in the aesthenics category in my office lounge - ugly bulky monitor. I am thinking of going back to school for masters, so this will be useful. Hmm.... maybe semi-need, semi-want category. Think it will be $700 or less. Right now it is "back to school" blowout, so companies are shoving PCs out in super low prices.

Where am I going to find all of that money? Well, I got that scholarship from winning the Miss Deaf Kansas pageant, so for sure it will help. I have not made any major purchases since that couch I bought last fall (at least that's what I can think of), so it is duty to spend the money.